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Another Day, Another Bracelet

Maybe not the bracelet that one might want however. Today was my (most recent) diagnostic SI joint injection.  Dr. CGL believes that if I were to have a positive result - which would be a 50% or more reduction in pain during the diagnostic period - then SI fusion surgery would be indicated.  I did have a blessedly low-pain period after the injection!  And as a side note, never believe someone who is about to put a needle in the most painful part of your back when he says "you're going to feel a little pinch."  I am fairly certain that Doc Brutus has never been stabbed in the back by his pain management doctor.    Sadly, the diagnostic period is only a few hours.  I now also have extra pain from the procedure itself.  That pain will happily be going away in a couple of days - yea! So, the diagnostic injection worked.  Not too surprising, since I've had this injection three times already.  First thing tomorrow I'll be sending a message to Dr. CG

Massage Day

Today was my second massage in just two weeks.  Massages can be relaxing, invigorating, or painful.  At least in my limited experience. These days it seems that I tend towards the painful.  I've learned from my rabid study of the lumbar spine musculoskeletal system that everything connects to everything else.  Maybe I should have learned it a long time ago, after hearing "the leg bone connects to the shin bone..."... Anyway, today we worked on the hip flexors.  The theory is that I loosen these muscles and I won't have as much tension on the SI joint. I can't say that it worked exactly.  At least not yet.  And once we got through the hip flexor part,  the massage was relaxing.  And now it is just one week until my SI injection.  Another step closer to  pain relief!

I've Done the Math

Today I did some math.  With my first surgery, from the day we started the paperwork until surgery, it was 43 days.  With my second surgery, it was 53 days.  So, if I can get my paperwork started on the 24th, I could possibly be scheduled as early as November 6!  If I have to wait until October 8, which is the next time I see my surgeon, hopefully I'll be scheduled between November 20 - 30.  We'll see.  Just looking forward to getting this done.


Yesterday I sent a message to Dr. CGL about what I am supposed to do after my injection on the 24th.  I keep trying to eliminate the many days of unnecessary waiting between appointments. Today, D from Dr. CGL's office sent me a message. Hi Z, You must have 2 successful SI joint injections before proceeding with SI joint fusion. If you have had 2 injections that have provided pain relief, please schedule a follow up appointment with Dr. CGL to discuss surgery. Take care, D Since the 24th will (most likely) be my third SI joint injection that gives me temporary pain relief, I called to schedule an appointment with Dr. CGL.  October 9th is the first available.  Good thing I called when I did!

Getting a Massage

Today I went to Massage Envy where I have something like 29 "free" massages.  I signed up for a membership right after my initial spine pain back in August of 2015.  I had one massage and then my physical therapist said no more massages.  And ever since then, either a PT or Dr. has nixed massages.  And courtesy of the painful cancellation schedule, I never cancelled my membership and have racked up all of those monthly free massages. But today I scheduled a massage.  Actually four of them!  My first was today.  R did a pretty good job.  She listened when I told her about my issues and where I was in my spine pain journey.  Naturally she believes that she is going to be the one who can cure me and is very much against any further injections or surgeries.  I feel like we can all have a part in my recovery, and that eventually we'll be successful!


M from Doc Brutus' office called to schedule my L5/S1 injection.  My next Julius Caesar moment will be September 24.  Only a couple of weeks.  Or forever, depending on how you count.