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Checking Them Off

Yesterday I sent a message to Doc Brutus letting him know that as we expected, I didn't notice any change in pain after my L5/S1 injection and hoped that we could move ahead with the next step without having to have an appointment. Today I got this: Doc Brutus received your message. Please see his response below:   "Please let patient know I discussed the case with Dr. CGL. I would like to proceed with another diagnostic nerve block. If she gets relief, she should follow-up with Dr. CGL for potential fusion of the SI joint. Thank you" - Pain Management Team Great news - I am another step down the line! And also Ugh.  I am in the hands of insurance again.   This is about my level of patience...

Relief, Even Temporary, Would Be Sweet

Today I saw Doc Brutus.  15 minutes or so of Julius Caesar (or an image-guided paravert facet joint injection) during which Doc Brutus kept saying "just a little pinch" or "you'll feel a little pressure".  Everyone who has had this done knows that getting an injection into the most painful area you have does not feel like a little pinch and a little pressure is not even a thing. Nevertheless, after the injection?  Nothing.  Which is either bad news (no change in pain) or good news (our suspicions are right and we can move ahead with the next injection).  Actually, I guess it is both.  Glad to get another one past me.


M from Doc Brutus' office called me today and told me that insurance finally came through and we can go ahead with my L5/S1 injection!  And that she had a cancellation tomorrow!  The time slot is 7:30 AM, but whatever.  Morning is just fine. Yea!

Oh, For Heaven's Sake

So I sent a message Dr. CGL's office yesterday asking about next steps.  I thought that they would have talked to Brutus about the injections, but apparently not.  You would think I would have  learned by now. I called Doc Brutus' office to start the process.  Once again in the hands of insurance.  Tick tock...

Back to Reality

I sure love being on vacation.  Coming back after seven days of vacation isn't as bad as coming back after 20, but it still isn't that fun. Alaska was beautiful!  I had a fantastic time hanging out with the family.  And getting some rest.  We went to a mine... ... panned for gold. We rode a tram in Juneau. We stayed in Juneau until dusk, which is pretty late in Alaska in July! We went to the Yukon where we saw waterfalls....  ... beautiful lakes... ... sled dog puppies (so adorable!!)... ... and such amazing scenery. We went kayaking in the rain in Skagway. We enjoyed the sunsets on the boat. We had a great tour of Vancouver on our last day. And then we came home to San Diego,  which isn't all that bad.  

A Visit to Dr. CGL

I had a follow up appointment with Dr. CGL.  We talked about my SI joint pain and how none of the things we have done so far have helped.  We talked about Doc Brutus' (well, PA L's idea anyway) insistence of trying spinal cord stimulation.  We talked about my second opinions and his view of what they said.  Then we talked about next steps.  Here's what the file says: Significant relief from the SI joint injections on 2 separate occasions, it has become difficult to ignore the probability of the SI joints contributing pain to a significant degree. In this case I would like her to undergo a pars injection for diagnostic purposes at L5 bilaterally and if she does not sustain any transient or eventual relief from the injections, then we will focus our attention on the SI joints and I would likely recommend SI fusion in that case. I would avoid the spinal cord stimulator unless there is no alternative source of pain discoverable or treatable. We will hopefully be able to