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I had an appointment with my old pal PA L* today.  This was meant to be my pain management follow-up from the last injection I had, the injection to try to figure out if my pain was related to my SI joint.  Which I knew, having lived inside my body with my SI joint.

The diagnostic part of the injection worked, giving me relief for the first several hours, but the steroid didn't work.  Just like the last seven or eight injections.

I tell this to PA L*.  I also tell her that Dr. CGL doesn't want me to go ahead with spinal cord stimulation until we have ruled out everything else.  Which I tend to think is smart.  I'm not interested in masking the pain until I have tried everything to actually fix it.

So I tell this to PA L*, and she is incensed that Dr. CGL doesn't even want to do the spinal cord stimulation trial.  I passed both the MRI and the Pysch clearance hurdles, so I could go ahead with the spinal cord stimulator, but I can't figure out what the best answer is.  I asked her what the next steps were... and she said that there weren't any.

Sigh.  Really?  Then she said maybe I should get a second opinion to help me figure out what I needed to do next.

Fine.  I'll talk to some more doctors.  Maybe they will have the answer?

The system grinds on...


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Back in the Saddle Again

Well, not technically  in a saddle.  Pretty sure that CGL would not be happy about that. I think he would be happy with my recent progress.  I got to the pool today! I wasn't swimming, but I did 30 minutes of water walking and stretching.  And then 10 minutes in the spa.  LOVE that. After all the stress of the last month, getting back to a routine is nice.

Anticipated discharge date:


We missed you Mommy!

It's great to have you home.

Here we go!

Ready for my surgery.  Sheepy is too.


I'll be going under the knife  on October 22 at 11:30! This has been the fastest approval process I've had yet.  I give credit to Dr. CGL's new office staff. Now I've got a week to get ready.  Lots to do at work, not so much at home.  Have to find bell substitute for my handbell choir... potentially for the Christmas concert.  I'm so happy to have this set.  Maybe by next spring I'll be out of pain!

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This Just Isn't My Day

Guess what I found out at the podiatrist today.  Did you guess? I broke my *&^*^#+ foot.  That's right.  Left foot, second metatarsal.  In a nice long diagonal break.  8 - 10 weeks in a boot.  Lovely.  I'm sure that will help my spine pain.

Another Day, Another Bracelet

Maybe not the bracelet that one might want however. Today was my (most recent) diagnostic SI joint injection.  Dr. CGL believes that if I were to have a positive result - which would be a 50% or more reduction in pain during the diagnostic period - then SI fusion surgery would be indicated.  I did have a blessedly low-pain period after the injection!  And as a side note, never believe someone who is about to put a needle in the most painful part of your back when he says "you're going to feel a little pinch."  I am fairly certain that Doc Brutus has never been stabbed in the back by his pain management doctor.    Sadly, the diagnostic period is only a few hours.  I now also have extra pain from the procedure itself.  That pain will happily be going away in a couple of days - yea! So, the diagnostic injection worked.  Not too surprising, since I've had this injection three times already.  First thing tomorrow I'll be sending a message to Dr. CG

Sometimes it's the little things...

I've had a really good couple of weeks, activity-wise.  I've managed to walk more than 11,000 steps each day this week, I've been to the pool twice and had an amazing massage. Pain-wise?  Well, that's a big jump in activity, and I can totally feel it.   I know that I need to get stronger, and to do that I need to move.  And stretch.  Being careful not to move the wrong way. I still have times when it is hard and I wonder if I'll ever get back to normal (whatever that is...).  I feel like those times are fewer.  Chronic pain is crap. Hot tea on a rainy day is nice though.  Sometimes it's the little things.

Look, Mom...

No hands!