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I think that I am lucky to have found Dr. CGL.  Today was my second second-opinion.  Dr. Krunch. I completed Krunch's paperwork via email.  Very professional.  But the office was a little odd.  He shares it with a tattoo removal technician.  Interesting.  He had me take some X-rays, with some different angles than I have taken previously.  Also interesting. The first thing he says when he walks into the room is "So, your doctors probably told you that this is how it's going to be, your new normal."  I was totally taken aback.  Kind of derailed, I tried to explain where I am in my "spine journey". First he said that I could not have an SI joint problem because the SI joint does not move.  Then he said that the problem was that the bone had not grown at all in my L4/L5 fusion, the fusion didn't take.  I need a revision.  He would like to go in and "pack material all around the fusion site and hope that something grows". OK then.  Once

Second Opinion #1

How do you pick a doctor for a second opinion? This was a harder question than I expected.  I knew that I was not going to go back the doctor that previously gave me a second opinion.  A visit with Dr. Brilliance is not going to help.  My physiologist recommended a neurosurgeon - I called his office, but they never called me back. I thought it would be smart to look outside of the hospital system with Dr. CGL and Doc Brutus, so I ended up trying to find a doctor in the same system as my primary care physician (who by the way, didn't have any suggestions for a second opinion). Is it terrible that I used Yelp to find a second opinion surgeon?  Well, I did either way, and I chose two orthopedic surgeons. My first Yelp second opinion guy is Dr. Fink.  His office sent me paperwork through the mail.  Some of the paperwork looked like it had been created in the 1990's and photocopied from an original many times over.  Doesn't give me a great feeling about this visit.


I had an appointment with my old pal PA L* today.  This was meant to be my pain management follow-up from the last injection I had, the injection to try to figure out if my pain was related to my SI joint.  Which I knew, having lived inside my body with my SI joint. The diagnostic part of the injection worked, giving me relief for the first several hours, but the steroid didn't work.  Just like the last seven or eight injections. I tell this to PA L*.  I also tell her that Dr. CGL doesn't want me to go ahead with spinal cord stimulation until we have ruled out everything else.  Which I tend to think is smart.  I'm not interested in masking the pain until I have tried everything to actually fix it. So I tell this to PA L*, and she is incensed that Dr. CGL doesn't even want to do the spinal cord stimulation trial.  I passed both the MRI and the Pysch clearance hurdles, so I could  go ahead with the spinal cord stimulator, but I can't figure out what the best an