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Head Shrinkin'

Today I went to see a psychiatrist to get my neuropsych clearance for a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS). She asked what I thought were pretty obvious to answer questions.  What kind of medication am I taking (no narcotics, otherwise, the standard)?  What activities does my pain limit (many)?  How did my surgeries go (jury is still out)?  Am I looking for a miracle (why not, right?  ha...)? I think what she was mostly trying to determine was if I had reasonable expectations for the SCS.  Nothing is guaranteed to work.  I got the feeling that lots of folks believed that it would fix everything, and when it didn't, they were even worse off than they had been before they got their SCS. I am pretty sure I know what I would be getting myself into if I were to get the implant.  And I think there comes a time when one will try anything, guaranteed or not.  I'm not necessarily there yet.  Most days anyway.

This Just Isn't My Day

Guess what I found out at the podiatrist today.  Did you guess? I broke my *&^*^#+ foot.  That's right.  Left foot, second metatarsal.  In a nice long diagonal break.  8 - 10 weeks in a boot.  Lovely.  I'm sure that will help my spine pain.