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Day 6

More pain than usual today, but I'm not sure why.  Perhaps I have been overdoing the walking or other activities.  Or maybe it is just what happens in the healing process. I thought I would show you the tricks of my trade so to speak. On the left is my seat cane.  This one allows me to walk up to the park AND allows me to rest when I need to rest.  Quite convenient, In the middle is my grabbing stick.   Some of the first instructions you get after surgery are no BLT - no bending, lifiting or twisting.  This makes it easier to follow the instructions, at least the bending part,  mostly.  They are  actually pretty hard instructions to follow.  You should try it sometime. Ah, and finally my old friend my back brace,  This one does help a lot.  It gives my muscles a bit of a beak so that I can heal.  It is fairly cumbersome and neither the most comfortable nor the mst attractive thing I've ever worn.  But it gets the job done. Pain is king during this time.  A combina

Day 5 Post Surgery

All in all things are going as expected.  The  pain is still nearly unbearable, but the medication mostly helps. We went to the zoo today! We didn't get very far, but we nevertheless made it there.  That;s what I;m striving to do - a little more each day.

Great News!

I get to go home!  Fastest stay ever - love the view and even the food is pretty good, but super happy to go home.  💖

Cheering Me Up

On the positive side:  I got some beautiful flowers from my parents, and my favorite beverage from my better half.  I've been up and walking several times, and the physical therapist was very happy with my progress. But... we're having some trouble managing the pain.  😒 That may mean I won't get discharged today.  Fortunately the weather appears to be great for golfing, so I've got some distractions! More to come...

Day 1 Post Surgery

Sheepy and I are having a busy morning recovering!  We started with medication at 4AM, vital signs at 5AM, blood draw at 5:30, then we got to stand up about 6:30, saw the surgeon shortly after that, and had breakfast at 7:00 (French toast, sausage and orange juice!) I had my first walk at 9:00 and the volunteer from St. Therese just left after giving me communion.  I've even put in my lunch order.  Quite a morning! Doing okay.  I've got plenty of pain, but I also have pain meds.  If all goes very well, I may be discharged today! 

Here we go!

Ready for my surgery.  Sheepy is too.